STEM Education from the White House

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013

Science, technology, engineering and math, they are the new language.

Wondering what is so important about a school like SySTEM Phoenix?

We can inspire kids and they can begin to see the world in a way that would give them a chance to pursue things that they never understood before. Who’s going to be an astronomer or an engineer or a doctor, and give them the basic tool, the foundational understanding so they can make those choices for their path in life? But also have a chance to understand the world better so that they can see the world in a more intelligent and more informed way? ~excerpt from David Zaslav
The White House shares a video about STEM Education and our future.  Watch the video. 
“Energy Secretary Steven Chu and business leaders discuss how, with an understanding of Science and Math, individuals are shaping the world we live in.”

SySTEM Ph0enix, a new charter school in Arizona hopes to embody these changes to prepare our children for the future.