Arizona Republic News on Charter Schools including STEM Schools

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014



We are so pleased to be part of this movement in Phoenix Education. SySTEM Phoenix will be one of the first charter schools to open in the core of Phoenix, Arizona. Our focus is on STEM Education which means hands on experience with Math, Science, Engineering and Technology in every aspect of the curriculum.

Arizona Republic "New charter-school push in Phoenix core"Things are moving fast for us now.

A new group is investing $2.5 million toward an ambitious goal: Its leaders want to open 25 new A-rated charter schools in Phoenix’s urban core by 2020.

The New Schools for Phoenix group is a spinoff of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, a non-profit organization that has long helped new charters open across the state through various programs. Though they share many of the same staff members, New Schools for Phoenix operates as a separate non-profit.

Unlike the association’s previous efforts in helping open charter schools, New Schools for Phoenix is zeroing in on Phoenix’s urban core — specifically, the 220 square miles of the Phoenix Union High School District.  – excerpt from “New Charter-School Push in Phoenix Core”