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My name is Jaden Ramsey I am a 9th grader at SySTEM Phoenix charter school. I was born on February 17th of 2002 in the college town of Laramie, Wyoming. When I was 5 my family moved to the capital city of Wyoming- Cheyenne, Wyoming. At the age of 13 my family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. My main role in the group is the robotic designer/engineer. However, my secondary role is to find optimal areas on the moon for our robot to land so that it can pursue its mission as efficiently as possible. The reason I wanted to participate in this project was because I have always had a passion for three things; exploring places that are alien to me, and building and controlling robots and science, mainly related to physics and engineering. When my teacher, Dr. Schleigh, told me about this project I was immediately intrigued because it incorporated everything I am passionate about and more.


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My name is Aaron Hughes, from a school in Phoenix Arizona called SySTEM Phoenix.I am eleven years old and in 6th grade. I became interested in this project when my friend Zaine introduced Bob, Jaden, and me to the competition. I was invited because I was a friend and because I am good with electronics.  So of course I was put in charge of making the video.My dad taught me a lot of things he knows because he is a computer programmer- that is the trait I gained from him. I have always liked space. The only reason that I am most likely not going to become an astronaut is because I get attached to things easily, and earth and family are some of those things. If our team wins I will use the push to get me to college.




I was born on August 25, 2005 in Bryan, Texas (Bryan is a place, I was not talking about a person, just look it up.) After 2 months I moved to Katonah, New york for a few years and then I moved to Goldens Bridge, New york. I stayed there until I was six when we moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where I am now. I go to school at SySTEM Phoenix  and I am on the Jabz at SySTEM Moonbots team.



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I  have always been interested in the moon. But, particularly whether or not there was ever running water on the moon. Maybe if there was water there, we could purify it and establish a moon base. So me and my team were going to make a mission about sending a robot to the moon to find out whether or not there was ever running water on the moon. Bob is going to make the sculpture.

Our team

jabs_team_moonbotJABZ at System Phoenix.

We are going to send our robot to the lunar north pole of the Moon.