Donate Your Tax Tuition Credit By April 15, 2017

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015

Most likely, you owed state taxes this year. Whether you paid them already and are expecting a refund, or will be writing a check this spring, taxes are a part of life.

However, YOU can control where a portion of your state taxes go! By taking advantage of Arizona’s Public Schools Tax Credit Program, you can direct up to $200 per individual toward the public school of your choice, like your local Phoenix STEM Charter School! You do not need to have a child enrolled at that school.

This donation costs you NOTHING. It is a dollar for dollar credit that will increase your refund or decrease your liability.

Tax credits support the eye-opening enrichment programs that provide diverse opportunities for SySTEM Phoenix’s students.

Just a glimpse into our enrichment programs, many of which are held afloat by last year’s tax credits:

  • Weekly guest speakers and field trips
  • VEX Robotics Club
  • Mini Med School
  • Maker Club
  • Coding

Don’t let these experiences disappear! Give today.

Tax Credit 2015