Governing Board

Governing Board

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The corporate board of directors of SySTEM Schools serves as the governing body of SySTEM Phoenix. The Governing School Board is comprised of individuals from across the valley with expertise in a variety of areas of charter school governance, including finance, operations, marketing, STEM instruction, and community engagement.

2018 Proposed Budget: SySTEM Proposed Budget 2018

2018 System Hearing Notification: Budget Adoption Hearing Notification 2018

2017 System Hearing Notification: Budget Adoption Hearing Notification 2017

2016 Adopted Budget: System Adopted budget16

2015 Proposed Budget: SySTEM budget15

2015 Adopted Budget: System Adopted budget15

System HearingNotification15

All archived Board meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found below and are also posted outside SySTEM Phoenix at 1301 E. Almeria Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85006.

Agendas & Minutes:

Board Meeting 11/16/2017 Minutes

Board Meeting 11/16/2017 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 11/10/2017 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 11/10/2017 Agenda

Board Meeting 10/27/2017 Minutes

Board Meeting 10/27/2017 Agenda

Board Retreat 10/21/2017 Minutes

Board Retreat 10/21/2017 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 10/12/2017 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 10/12/2017 Agenda

Academic Committee Meeting 10/4/2017 Minutes 

Academic Committee Meeting 10/4/2017 Agenda

Board Meeting 9/21/2017 Minutes

Board Meeting 9/21/2017 Agenda

Academic Committee Meeting 9/14/2017 Minutes

Academic Committee Meeting 9/14/2017 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 9/14/2017 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 9/14/2017 Agenda

Board Meeting 8/17/2017 Minutes

Board Meeting 8/17/2017 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 8/10/2017 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 8/10/2017 Agenda

Board Meeting 7/7/12 Minutes

Board Meeting 7/7/12 Agenda 

Board Meeting 6/17/2017 Minutes

Board Meeting 6/17/2017 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 6/6/2017 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 6/6/2017 Agenda

Board Meeting 5/18/2017 Minutes

Board Meeting 5/18/2017 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 5/9/2017 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 5/9/2017 Agenda

Board Meeting 4/20/17 Agenda

Board Meeting 4/20/17 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 4/11/17 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 4/11/17 Minutes

Board Meeting 4/5/17 Agenda

Board Meeting 4/5/17 Minutes

Academic Committee Meeting 3/16/17 Agenda

Academic Committee 3/16/17 Minutes

Board Meeting 3/16/17 Agenda

Board Meeting 3/16/17 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 3/7/17 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 3/7/17 Minutes

Board Meeting 2/16/17 Agenda

Board Meeting 2/16/17 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 2/7/17 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 2/7/17 Minutes

Board Meeting 2/4/17 Agenda

Board Meeting 2/4/17 Minutes

Board Retreat 1/28/17 Agenda

Board Retreat 1/28/17 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 1/10/17 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 1/10/17 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 12/13/16 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 12/13/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 11/17/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 11/17/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 11/8/16 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 11/8/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 10/20/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 10/20 Minutes

Board Meeting 10/11/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 10/11/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 10/11/16 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 10/11/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 9/22/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 9/22/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 9/13/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 9/13/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 8/18/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 8/18/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 7/21/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 7/21/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 6/28/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 6/28/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 6/16/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 6/16/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 5/19/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 5/19/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 5/10/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 5/10/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 4/21/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 4/21/16 Agenda

Academic Committee Meeting 4/12/16 Agenda

Academic Committee Meeting 4/12/16 Minutes

Governance Committee Meeting 4/12/16 Agenda

Governance Committee Meeting 4/12/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 3/17/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 3/17/16 Agenda

Governance Committee 3/8/16 Minutes

Governance Committee 3/8/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 2/23/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 2/23/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 2/18/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 2/18/16 Agenda

Board Meeting 2/12/16 Minutes

Board Meeting 2/12/16 Agenda

Governance Committee 2/9/16 Minutes

Governance Committee 2/9/16 Agenda

Board Retreat 1/30/16 Minutes

Board Retreat 1/30/16 Agenda

Governance Committee 1/12/16 Minutes

Governance Committee 1/12/16 Agenda

Governance Committee 12/8/15 Minutes

Academic Committee 12/8/15 Minutes

Governance Committee 12/8/15 Agenda

Academic Committee 12/8/15 Agenda

Board Meeting 11/19/15 Minutes

Board Meeting 11/19/15 Agenda

Governance Committee 11/10/15 Agenda

Governance Committee 11/10/15 Minutes

Development Committee 11/4/15 Agenda

Development Committee 11/4/15 Minutes

Board Meeting 10/22/15 Minutes DRAFT

Board Meeting 10/22/15 Agenda

Governance Committee 10/15/15 Agenda

Governance Committee 10/15/15 Minutes

Development Committee 10/7/15 Agenda

Development Committee 10/7/15 Minutes

Board Meeting  9/21/15 Agenda

Board Meeting 9/21/15 Minutes

Academic Committee 9/14/15 Agenda

Academic Committee 9/14/15 Minutes

Governance Committee 9/8/15 Agenda

Governance Committee 9/8/15 Minutes

Development Committee 9/2/15 Agenda

Development Committee 9/2/15 Minutes

Current Board Members

megMegan McWenie, Secretary, Chair of Academic Excellence Committee

Megan McWenie is a career educator who passionately believes that all children have a right to an excellent education and that every student in Arizona can and should achieve college and career readiness.  As a native Arizonan, she benefited from great public schools in this state beginning in kindergarten and continuing through her experience as an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona. She currently works as the Move On When Ready Learning Collaborative Coordinator at the Center for the Future of Arizona, coordinating the efforts of school leaders at public charter, public district, and private schools across the state who are implementing a new performance-based high school education model designed to increase academic achievement and prepare all students for college and careers. She began her career in education as a Teach for America corps member in Las Vegas, Nevada where she taught high school reading intervention courses. Upon returning to her home state, Megan worked for the Phoenix Union High School District as a reading teacher, professional development specialist, and Cambridge coordinator for five years. She has also contributed to building the pipeline of great teachers serving Arizona students as a Teacher for America summer institute staff member for the past four years. Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and English. Ms. McWenie brings strong leadership in curriculum development, integrated instruction, and student assessment to the Governing Board of SySTEM Phoenix.


fraFrancine Hardaway, Chair of Development Committee

Francine Hardaway, Ph.D is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned communications strategist. She co-founded Stealthmode Partners, an accelerator and advocate for entrepreneurs in technology and health care, in 1998. Prior to Stealthmode, she owned two marketing companies, and served as Director of Worldwide Press Relations for Intel and the CMO of Innovative Environmental Products. Francine was an Entrepreneurial Fellow of the Eller Entrepreneurship Center at University of Arizona, and was a founder of Social Media Club Arizona and the Arizona Software Association. She is co-founder of the blog USHealthCrisis, and blogs for Fast Company, Huffington Post, and the Stealthmode Blog.




dor2 Doris Roman, Chair

Doris Roman is a seasoned educator with over 25 years in STEM education with many years working with K-12 programs sponsored by universities and industry.  Doris has held various positions such as Coordinator, Director, Assistant Dean, and faculty at several colleges and universities with many positions also serving K-12 programs with a focus on college and career readiness.  She has served as a key player with the national MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) program and served as part of the team to start the first community college program, as well as the Director during her tenure at Arizona State University (ASU).  Doris retired as an administrator from higher education to take care of her terminally ill mother. She returned to the K-12 arena in 2006 with the state chapter of Communities in Schools, a national dropout prevention program serving Title 1 schools.  She held positions at Excelencia Elementary and Riverside Elementary, where she worked closely with their science fairs and designed, developed, and delivered a Weird Math Club (WMC) to help students improve in math. During the 1st year of WMC operations, the students increased their math skills by over 60%. Doris has taught business and STEM courses at various colleges and with K-12 programs.  In addition, she has served as a Principal Investigator on several contracts and grants helping ASU secure over $4 million in grants for STEM education. Doris has won numerous awards throughout her career, including Educator of the Year in New York, Inductee of 100 Hispanic Women, and the Martin Luther King Somos El Futuro award. Ms. Roman is committed to the empowerment of our youth, specifically our underrepresented youth who will become the future leaders of our great nation.

Patterson_Jeff_Cropped Jeffery Patterson, Treasurer

Jeff is a CPA with over ten years of experience in providing audit services. Jeff currently works as an Audit Supervisor for Henry & Horne, LLP with a primary focus on auditing government and non-profit entities including school districts, charter schools, cities, towns, counties, and state agencies. Jeff also performs training presentations both at Henry & Horne and at various conferences including the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO). Prior to joining Henry & Horne, Jeff was a Senior Accountant for another firm where he specialized in governmental financial and compliance audits of municipalities, school districts, grant schools and state entities. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and Masters in Business Administration with an Accounting emphasis from Utah State University.


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