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STEM | Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the heart of Phoenix


Get Tax Credit

The Arizona Tax Credit Program allows couples to donate up to $400 and single taxpayers up to $200 each year to SySTEM Phoenix and receive a dollar for dollar TAX CREDIT.

This is NOT a deduction.  Every penny you donate is returned directly to you on your tax return or deducted from what you owe.


Vision and Purpose

Through integrated learning environments immersed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), SySTEM Phoenix will prepare students to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

About Us

SySTEM Phoenix

Learn more about our faculty and staff at one of the most innovative schools in Phoenix. Read about the history of our organization and the background of the founders. Check our calendar for upcoming information sessions and learn more about our education philosophy from our founders.

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Donate Your Tax Tuition Credit By April 15, 2017

Most likely, you owed state taxes this year. Whether you paid them already and are expecting a refund, or will be writing a check this spring, taxes are a part of life. However, YOU can control where a portion of your state taxes go! By taking advantage of Arizona’s Public Schools Tax Credit Program, you can direct up to $200 per individual toward the public school of your choice, like your local Phoenix STEM Charter School! You do not need to have a child enrolled at that school. This donation...

Great Resources for STEM Lesson Planning

Curious what goes into our planning for students?  Here is a wonderful example. We go through a rigorous methodology to make sure our lessons meet the requirements that are explained in the article. Are you an instructor looking to incorporate more STEM integration into your lesson? Here are some criteria that can let you know if your lesson plan measures up. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. For a truly great, integrated and open ended experience for the students all elements work together in a collaborative environment....

Downtown Phoenix Development | Education and Innovation

Last week announced the kick off of downtown Phoenix Art Detour with a State of Downtown address by Mayor Stanton. In his address, the Mayor spoke of many encouraging changes downtown including education, innovation and the future of business in Downtown Phoenix.  He is known affectionately as the “Downtown Mayor” because he recognizes that the strength of the downtown community from residents to businesses, issues like walk-ability and bike friendliness can have influence throughout the city. At SySTEM Phoenix Charter School we believe this too. We believe the future...

AZ SciTechFest | A festival of Science, Technology, Education and Innovation

Have you visited any of the locations hosting events for AZ Sci Tech Festival? There are art events, performances, demonstrations and many, many workshops across the state of Arizona. As STEM Education becomes more important, festivals like this one become integral parts of our city’s amazing culture. SySTEM Phoenix students will have opportunities to explore science, technology and other creative innovative ways of learning with great events and festivals of learning like this one. The mission of this festival is to help Arizona lead the way in innovation with...

Arizona Republic News on Charter Schools including STEM Schools

    We are so pleased to be part of this movement in Phoenix Education. SySTEM Phoenix will be one of the first charter schools to open in the core of Phoenix, Arizona. Our focus is on STEM Education which means hands on experience with Math, Science, Engineering and Technology in every aspect of the curriculum. Things are moving fast for us now. A new group is investing $2.5 million toward an ambitious goal: Its leaders want to open 25 new A-rated charter schools in Phoenix’s urban core by...

STEM Education Economic Report

SySTEM Phoenix Charter School just received a copy of this STEM education economic report. Technology Works: High-Tech Employment and Wages in the United States A Bay Area Council Economic Institute Report commissioned by Engine Advocacy | December 2012 Employment growth in STEM occupations has consistently been robust throughout the last decade, outpacing job gains across all occupations by a ratio of 27 to 1 between 2002 and 2011. Read more by downloading this incredibly informative paper. http://www.bayareaeconomy.org/media/files/pdf/TechReport.pdf At SySTEM Phoenix, we firmly believe in the strength of our students to thrive with...

STEM Education from the White House

Science, technology, engineering and math, they are the new language. Wondering what is so important about a school like SySTEM Phoenix? We can inspire kids and they can begin to see the world in a way that would give them a chance to pursue things that they never understood before. Who’s going to be an astronomer or an engineer or a doctor, and give them the basic tool, the foundational understanding so they can make those choices for their path in life? But also have a chance to understand the world better so that they can see...

SySTEM Phoenix Charter School

STEM Education We are a charter school in Phoenix with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM school). Our founders have 15 combined years of education experience including teaching and...